Cost-Efficient Cleaning with the Advance SC1500

AdvacneSCs1500The Advance SC1500 stand-up scrubber enhances cleaning productivity like no other machine. Flexible, compact and extremely maneuverable, this scrubber offers extraordinary cleaning performance and helps you clean faster while maximizing your bottom line.

Available in a 20 inch REV model and 20 inch disc model, the low flow rate and large 12 gallon tank of the SC1500 provides over 100 minutes of scrub time without refilling.

With solution flow rate control at your fingertips, the SC1500 delivers reliable, consistent cleaning. Easily select high, medium or low according to your job without stopping the machine to minimize water and chemical waste and spend less time on refills and dumps. This simple operation is just one of the many benefits of the Advance SC1500.

Greener Cleaning with the Advance SC1500

Thanks to the onboard EcoFlex System, you can go green without sacrificing clean. The system controls energy, water and detergent consumption to produce real savings without compromising performance. It’s easy to switch between cleaning intensities with the touch of a button — you can clean with just water or get a burst of power for a cleaning boost in areas with more soil.

To learn more about this intuitive, efficient machine and how it can help maximize your bottom line, contact us today at 866-520-5701.

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