Floor Scrubber Rentals: A Cost-Efficient Solution for Warehouses

Keeping the floor of your warehouse clean is beneficial in more ways than one. Prompt cleanup of spills enables you to prevent workplace injuries due to slips and falls. Goods and products are less likely to topple and suffer damages in the process. Regular floor cleaning also maintains the appearance of your facilities and preserves healthy indoor air quality by removing filth. For these reasons, you need to choose the right cleaning tools and solutions.

Before anything else, however, consider whether to buy or rent the cleaning equipment you need. The frequency of use typically provides the best clue as to which route to take. Take floor scrubbers, for instance. If you deal only with dry goods, seldom have grime to clean up, or receive very minimal foot traffic, an equipment lease or rental may be more practical because you won’t use your floor scrubber on a day-to-day basis.

Here are other reasons that make floor scrubber rental a cost-efficient option for some warehouses:

You expect your business needs to change soon

You may be operating a small warehouse at present but plan to expand your business or relocate in the near future. This means that you might need a new floor scrubber, perhaps something bigger or one with more functions, in the near future.

Your employees lack the expertise to maintain the equipment

Although your employees may be trained in the proper use of floor scrubbers, it takes specialized training to know how to maintain such equipment. Leave that task to companies like NITCO that not only deal with equipment sales and leases but also employ highly trained technicians who are qualified to service any and all floor scrubbers.

Renting a floor scrubber may make more sense for you if you only need the heavy-duty equipment for intermittent cleaning instead of for everyday use. If you have a special project that requires extensive cleanup or just want to make a great impression on a particular visitor, renting a floor scrubber may be a wiser investment for you.

Renting also makes sense if you don’t have room to properly store a floor scrubber, or if you don’t want to worry about maintaining the machine. When you rent, you get the benefits of using industrial cleaning equipment without any of the hassle! Our team takes care of all maintenance needs, and we regularly inspect our machines so you get peak performance when you need it.

To learn more about our rental floor scrubbers, contact us today!

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